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Creating a Transformative Culture

About the EDE Glarisegg

This Ecovillage Design Education Course is certified by Gaia Education. It´s an international 4 weeks course in English and takes place in Castle Glarisegg, Switzerland, each year in January/February. It´s about the four dimensions of sustainability, economy, ecology, society/culture and world-view. It offers tools, inspiration and motivation for the transformation of the world to a place worth living for everyone.

While around 50 people from all over Europe live together as a community for 1 month
(+ 1 extra week with guests from last-year-courses, called "growing together week")
they practice how to live a new, transformative culture. Therefore many different methods and tools are introduced and applied in exercises and practical project designs. It´s a great experience for intense learning and being together with like-minded changemakers.


tools & methods for creating a transformative culture which were introduced:
* community building (Scott Peck)
* conflict resolution
* design thinking
* dragon dreaming
* deep ecology
* economy of the common good
* eco-village design
* empowered fundraising
* forum
* permaculture
* possibility management
* sociocracy 3.0
* transparent communication

+ many additional things like: group dynamics, open space technology, dance of life, contact improvisation, spiral dynamics, natural leadership & radical responsibility...



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